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Summer Club

Our summer language immersion program will give your child the opportunity to practice their English daily through a wide variety of activities. They will be able to choose the activity that best suits them and they will learn English with native teachers and without books. There will be no classes. The course will be based entirely on conversation and oral practice through dynamic and interactive activities. It's a perfect mix of practical and creative activities in a welcoming and friendly environment. We encourage students to use English spontaneously and naturally throughout the day when participating in activities.

Let's Have an Adventure this Summer

Why language Immersion? 

Language immersion is crucial for effective language learning because it provides real world context where students are forced to use the language actively and frequently. By being surrounded by the language in everyday situations learners are encouraged to think and speak in English. This constant exposure helps them to grasp the subtleties of the language and accelerates proficiency & understanding in a way that traditional classroom settings often cannot.

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