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Our Phonics Course

Are you an English teacher that is not confident teaching letter sounds and pronunciation and want to improve your skills in order to help your students

or a parent who wants to give your child a solid foundation in English so that they develop the ability to read and write in a more natural way  …. then our course is the perfect solution.


Our 1 day phonics course will help you with the practical skills needed to teach young  learners (ages 3-8) the building blocks of the language.


Here's what you'll learn:


☑️ The 44 sounds in English and the different ways to write them, as well as tips for pronunciation 

☑️ An overview of different programmes used to teach phonics, including Jolly Phonics. 

☑️ Blending the sounds to read

☑️ Segmenting for writing

☑️ The tricky words

☑️ Songs to complement the teaching of phonics

☑️ Guidance for teaching EAL students with limited vocabulary

☑️ Games and activities to support your teaching

My Story

Bianca has over 20 years experience teaching young students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities to read and write. She has extensive knowledge and experience using different phonics programs in the UK and internationally.

In this course, she applies her knowledge of Jolly Phonics, Letters and Sounds (UK Government programme) and Read, write Inc to provide parents and teachers with a solid foundation to teaching phonics.

While living in Spain and teaching English as an additional language, she has had the opportunity to improve and adapt her skills to suit the specific needs of English learners and is passionate about the importance of teaching phonics to this particular group of students. Bianca will provide you with the skills and materials you need to feel confident teaching phonics and will deliver a reading and writing programme that is effective and fun.

Interested in our phonics course?

Send us your email and we will send you more information about the course as well as the next available dates 

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