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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Meet Bianca!

I have over 20 years teaching experience and during these years, I have taught hundreds of students of all ages, nationalities and abilities. The learners that make the most progress are not only the most intelligent, they are always the ones that are passionate and committed. It is for this reason, I am constantly striving to ignite a flame for students so that they want to learn and enjoy doing so, because this is when the magic happens!


At Ella's English academy, all our teachers aim to instil a love of learning English and in a natural way. Too often, schools focus on writing and grammar and many students spend years studying English and leave school unable to speak or communicate effectively with others. This is the last thing we want. We are committed to teaching your child so that they become confident communicators wherever life may take them.

Who are we?

Ella's English is a small family run business.

My husband and I are both passionate and experienced educators who fell in love with the mountains and people of Spain; we love hiking, climbing, canyoning and basically anything that gets us outside together as a family :)

After a few years teaching in British International schools in both Spain and Portugal, we knew we wanted to pursue both our passions further and opened a language school near the mountains we love.


Ella is the name of our eldest daughter and Ella's English Academy and its slogan "leaning is an adventure" was created from our love of education and the great outdoors. Learning a language is not so different from an adventurous expedition. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's fun, sometimes you just want to give up.. But you keep going and the rewards when you "get to the top" are magical and definitely worth the climb.


You're off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so be on your way! - DR SEUSS

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